9.6 | Sunday Brunchlox webcast | DJing live: JASON HODGES, CHUCK DANIELS, KARL ALMARIA


Sunday Brunchlox 005 – Sunday | September 6th (and every 4th Sunday)

Where Sunday brunch, BBQ, House Music, and the internet meet for a monthly party celebrated worldwide! So, bring a dish of your favorite food, something to drink, and get ready to enjoy some Underground House sounds served up by Chicago’s Karl Almaria (Bunchlox Music) and special guest DJs!

**We are blessed to have BORDER PATROL aka JASON HODGES + CHUCK DANIELS in the house this month spinning live (and eating live too!). Chicago people, make sure to check them out the night before [Sat 9.5] at Smartbar, 3730 N Clark, Chicago [].**

**We’ll be extending this show an hour – 3 hours of Sunday Brunchlox!**

**In honor of International Bacon Day [Sep 5] and the general appreciation for encased meats, this will be the PORKTOBERFEST Edition of Sunday Brunchlox**

**This show will be done from the newly renovated Bunchlox Gardens v2.0. Outside all day!**

**Now with webcam!**

10:00am-01:00pm PDT
11:00am-02:00pm MDT
12:00pm-03:00pm CDT
01:00pm-04:00pm EDT
06:00pm-09:00pm GMT+1

Catch the action at:


Guest DJs for September 6th:


JASON HODGES [toronto | om | aroma | spatula city]
CHUCK DANIELS [detroit | sampled | robsoul | classic]

Alongside Resident DJ + Head Grill Technician:

KARL ALMARIA [bunchlox | hudd traxx | photo | footwear]


We invite you to join us in the fun, wherever you are!


2 Responses to “9.6 | Sunday Brunchlox webcast | DJing live: JASON HODGES, CHUCK DANIELS, KARL ALMARIA”

  • BaconDay:

    Hi, I have a blog called international bacon day, and I was wondering if we could put up your show, or part of it, or a link to it on the site for Bacon Day.


  • Karl:

    Absolutely!…it would be an honor. Seriously, you don’t know how much this means to me. Put anything you want up on your site. Thanks!

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